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Black fat–tailed scorpion (Androctonus bicolor) is a scorpion species, belonging to the family Buthidae. It is black in color and can grow up to 9 cm.[1]

Black fat–tailed scorpions come from the family of Buthidae, which is the largest of the scorpion family.[2] They can be identified by their hefty physique.[3] They tend to move very fast, and are of an aggressive nature.[3] Black fat–tailed scorpions can live for up to 5 years.[3] Adults can reach up to 40-60 millimeters, 80 millimeters being the maximum.[4] These scorpions typically possess black and brown coloration.[5] These scorpions enjoy making scrapes with wood and rocks,[3] and are nocturnal, thus they hide in crevices or certain objects during the day.[4] They stay in shade to retain moisture (that they obtain from prey) in their bodies, as they are susceptible to losing moisture due to their environmental preference.


Androctonus is widespread in North and West Africa, the Middle East, but the wider family tolerates a wider range of habitats.[2] This relates to the fact that black fat-tailed scorpions are rather efficient when temperatures range from 85 °F-95 °F, as this temperature allows for productive growth.[3] Black fat–tailed scorpions are normally found in arid or semi-arid areas as well as margins of desert areas, typically areas with sandy soil.[4] They generally prefer warm and dry areas


While it originates from the Buthidae family, the black fat-tailed scorpion belongs to the genus Androctonus, which can be translated into "man-killer".[7] The species name is bicolor which is translated into having two-colors,[8] which could be referring to their brown-black coloration.[5] Scorpions are under the class Arachnida, making them arachnids that have eight legs.

Eating habits[]