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Gavpowers77 Gavpowers77 26 January 2019

GREAT STUFF there's a spider blog

Many many moons ago I created a Blogger account called 'Arachnipedia'.

I'm a British guy, 40's, obsessed with spiders. While I'm not qualified in biology, I pretty much read up on all insect and arthropod info. Would love a job in this field.

Anyway, nice to see a 'Fandom' user has taken 'Arachnipedia' and run with it.

I'm not at all irritated. The net is free and liberal as it should be. Glad the name has found a sensible home among likeminded people.

I'd dearly love to be part of this account/project/blog.

This was my original (now slightly in disarray) blogger blog...

Love to hear more. Love to be involved with your Fandom Arachnipedia blog.

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