Ozyptila trux, the yellow leaflitter crab spider,[2] is a crab spider species with Palearctic distribution (introduced in Canada).


Body length female 4-5.5 mm; male 3.3-4 mm.[2] The apophysis on the lateral tibia is approximately half the length of the cymbium, the median apophysis has 2 processes, pointing against towards other at right angles. The epigyne has a process in anterior epigynal region, wider than long. The prosoma is light brown, with 2-4 dark stripes along its length, the legs are uniformly light brown, as is the opisthosoma.


Ozyptil trux has a Palearctic distribution but has been introduced to Canada.[1] In Great Britain it is widespread but is commoner in the north and west.[4]It was known in Canada from a single female collected near Montreal which was designated as the holotype of a new species Oxyptila belma by Gertsch, subsequent comparisons with specimens of O. trux collected in England showed that the Canadian specimen was the same species. It may have been accidentally introduced to the site it was collected from and since it was not subsequently recorded may not have become established.

Habitat & ecologyEdit